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You’re standing in field of emerald-green grass, fluffy clouds floating overhead. You’re not alone. You’re sharing the field with a herd of cows — healthy-looking animals with sleek coats. All you hear are the lullaby sounds of a rustling breeze, birdsong and the rhythmic crunch of contented cows feasting on that sweet grass.

There’s a simplicity to this scene. But behind the scenes is a symphony of coordinated effort that goes into building this reality at Happy Cow Creamery in South Carolina each day.

Keeping happy cows happy, in fact, is the driving mission of dairy farmer and entrepreneur Tom Trantham III, whose family owns and operates Happy Cow Creamery. It’s the key to success in the dairy and creamery business. But it’s not an easy job. A lot goes into managing and marketing the products that those happy cows produce. Trantham turned to Hitachi to provide ideas and solutions to help him maintain sustainable practices, produce the best products possible — and, of course, keep the cows happy.

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