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画像: Hitachi Social Innovation is POWERING GOOD - "Energy version" (90sec) - Hitachi

Hitachi Social Innovation is POWERING GOOD - "Energy version" (90sec) - Hitachi

In this movie, Hitachi's key message to achieve decarbonization in all areas of energy is expressed through conversations between a man and a girl, showing some of our latest initiatives.
For example, Hitachi has started to ensure a more reliable supply of renewable energy. To prevent sudden shutdowns of wind turbines, Hitachi utilizes drones and AI to locate damaged areas quickly and perform advanced maintenance, with digital technology. This helps to stabilize wind power generation.
Also in Europe, for supporting the transportation that does not emit CO2, Hitachi has realized large-scale e-bus charging in garages and ultra-fast charging during operations. Furthermore, we aim at the remote control of charging timing and spots by using digital technologies.
Hitachi will lead the world decarbonization.

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