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My name is Grzegorz Swieton, I lead the Digital solutions team in Global Product Group Grid Edge Solutions in Krakow, Poland.

Prior to joining Hitachi Energy, I was first a software developer in the automotive sector. A few years later, I became a leader of a Team building software for company internal use, and then I moved to another company where software was built for commercial use.

Why Hitachi Energy?

I purposely joined Hitachi Energy because of its values: software is my passion, and being part of a team whose purpose is contributing to shaping the future of sustainable energy through their products just made sense: my team and I have created a set of System as a Service (SaaS) applications to improve site productivity, forecast renewable energies’ power generation, real-time monitor distributed energy assets, trade energy out of the Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), minimize downtime and increase revenue opportunities.

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