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Kevin Yan, Local Operation Unit Finance Controller (GI / GA) at Hitachi Energy in Japan

My name is Kevin Yan. I am the local operation unit finance controller for two BUs of Hitachi Energy Japan. This year marks my 9th year with Hitachi Energy. I joined the company as a fresh graduate in 2014 as a management trainee. After several positions in different countries, I relocated to Japan in 2018.

What amazes me is the inclusive environment and vibrant tapestry of culture. I rotated in several different countries at the beginning of my career. In any Hitachi Energy entity I work for, there are always many colleagues from diverse backgrounds, traditions, and perspectives. Everybody is encouraged to express their unique identities and contributions. The different ideas are welcome and respected by coworkers and managers. It creates a sense of respect and a harmonious atmosphere in the workplace.

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