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As COVID-19 infections mount, an increasing number of companies are implementing digital transformation to reform their business. Although digital transformation has brought about many advantages, including the spread of remote work, it has also raised the risk of cyberattacks. There are cases in which, due to the hasty way in which remote working environments were put together, inadequacies in server management have exposed many company to cyberattacks.

Against this backdrop, cybersecurity professionals known as "white hat hackers" are attracting attention for their activities in checking the various vulnerabilities of systems and servers, and configuring countermeasures against cyberattacks. Mr. Kazuya Yonemitsu of the Security Professional Center of Hitachi Solutions, Ltd. is one of them. In addition to his security-related duties, he is also devoting efforts to developing the next generation of white hat hackers. We interviewed Kazuya’s activities and why he is committed to human resource development.

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