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Environmental issues have become a global concern in recent years, and rail transit is once again attracting a great deal of attention as an environmentally friendly and sustainable means of transportation, with 80% fewer emissions per kilometer than cars.

Hitachi Group has been involved in projects in North America such as the San Francisco Bay digital train control project and the driverless railway in Honolulu, Hawaii, and has recently signed a new contract to supply metro railcars in Washington, D.C.

With its long history of more than 100 years and connection to Hitachi Group technology, Hitachi Rail has expanded its business globally as a full-service provider of railway solutions with expertise in rolling stock, signalling and digital innovation, turnkey projects, and operation, service and maintenance solutions. In recent years, in addition to Japan, the UK and Italy, North America has been identified as a key market for growth. Hitachi’s rail solutions are more environmentally sustainable than other forms of transportation.

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