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Artificial intelligence (AI) and video analytics are rapidly becoming integral parts of our lives, transforming corporate activities, and creating many opportunities to improve the human condition. Recent developments in the field have led some experts to suggest that the ability of AI has moved beyond recognition to cognition, where AI is not only able to grasp concepts but find deeper or “hidden” meaning from images.

Dr. Shin'ichi Satoh of the National Institute of Informatics (NII) and Dr. Tatsuhiko Kagehiro, head of Hitachi's Lumada Data Science Laboratory, met to discuss the current state and next wave of advancements in this field and to explore the possibilities of social application. Dr. Satoh is a leading expert in video analytics research and AI that leads to customer collaborative creation, and Dr. Kagehiro is director of Hitachi's Artificial Intelligence Innovation Center, which conducts research and development. Mr. Tomoaki Yoshinaga, Senior Researcher at the Lumada Data Science Laboratory, moderated the discussion.

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