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Respecting and drawing on the strengths of each person’s individual traits, regardless of outer attributes such as gender, nationlaity, race, religion, background, age, abled or disabled status, and sexual orientation – this is the concept behind diversity and inclusion (D&I) which is expanding in Japanese society. Within this development, Hitachi has set a target to increase the ratio of female and non-Japanese executive and corporate officers to 30% each by the fiscal year 2030.

Ms. Lorena Dellagiovanna, originally from Italy, has taken on a leading role in implementing diversity at Hitachi. In April 2021, she was appointed the first female Vice President and Executive Officer in the history of Hitachi, after which she announced strategies to achieve the goals of D&I. Now her role further extends to environmental activities and ESG. We sat with Ms. Dellagiovanna, to hear about the career she has achieved so far, and how she has approached matters of diversity.

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