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Hitachi, Ltd. (hereinafter Hitachi) has provided systems that support social infrastructure in various fields, one of which is the important field of energy. The energy field is closely tied to international measures against global warming and is fast approaching a drastic transformation. However, the road to a decarbonized society has many obstacles. There is a need for more and more technological innovations and unprecedented approaches. In the midst of all this is Lumada: a promising solution for accelerating digital innovation. Takehiko Seiji (CIO and CLBO of the Energy Business Unit) and Yoshimitsu Kaji (a recent addition to Hitachi) sat down at Hitachi Origin Park to discuss initiatives in the energy field and the impact of Lumada. A corporate museum that opened on November 5, 2021, Hitachi Origin Park introduces Hitachi’s corporate mission and founding principles, which have been passed down through generations, as well as actual cases where Hitachi worked with people from all over the world to resolve social issues.

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